Do not hand in any other quests while this quest is active for you will not receive any exp for that quest. FLYFF US/EU vs. Playpark. Voir plus . Otherwise go with the standard build of 120 sta, xx str. This article mainly talks about the Flyff Acrobat and how to level , if you want to learn something you can read it . Cancel Unsubscribe. The builds for this class are all fighter related; Mercenary. In the following video I disuss briefly about zodiacs. (i.e. Then go 1:1 until you're happy with your sta and just str afterwards. Level 135+/150+ builds? Now, to the actual Builds. Because of his tremendous HP and Defense, he can take up loads of mobs and won't die with proper gear. Hello players , welcome to our website ! Mercenary to Knight Skill Build? Keenwheel: No Preference 18 Slash 4: Selected Target only A continuous spinning attack. AoE Builds Suicide build 50 STA (maximum, can go for less) xxx INT This is the best build if you can afford the gears for it and know how to play your character. Their main ability in FlyFF is to be able to buff themselves. Flyff World Quêtes, Devenir Mercenaire. To start viewing messages, select the … Start your journey either as a Mercenary, Acrobat, or Magician to complete quests and upgrade to 2nd Job Classes depending on your playstyle. FlyFF offers a somewhat unusual class evolution system, which will see you begin playing as a Vagrant, and then at level 15 give you multiple class evolution options, such as the Acrobat, Assist, Magician and Mercenary that can then be specialized once again into many other class styles. Join Paradox’s Discord Channel! You can also play around with builds if you have different gear. There are 4 classes in flyff: Mercenary: Melee character that fights using swords or axes, very good in 1v1s and also in aoe hunting. Perhaps a very perfect enhancement in Mercenary can be seen by focusing on increasing damage with high attack speed in … For example, my main was a ranger, so when I built my knight I used my ranger's dex gear. The 80 DEX build is for those who want to spam Junk Arrow more easily. The new Templar skills will make it easier to tank vast amounts of masquerpets. This Quest locks exp gain. Blade: Quick and duel wielding artist for the mercenary class. So I'm currently in the process of making an AOE Knight, just got to Merc, and I'm wondering what build I should be following? Let me first start off by saying that in order to be a successful Acrobat you will want to know what second job change you want to become. If you focus on leveling, you could easily get 100 Million Penya in a few hours in Azria. Skills. They can use 2 axes or 2 sword or 1 axe and 1 sword (this is not reccomanded, because you will lose some bonus I will explain later). Most successful builds will try and tailor to speed and attack and less on tanking; Knight: Big swords/axes and heavy armor pave the way for this class. As for skills, Max Junk Arrow, Dark Illusion and Perfect Block in the first job. This build is also good for those who want to do the ‘INT Based’ AoE Build at 60. This is the build a lot of people go with, especially if they are new and don’t have the funds to keep up with their Refresher Bills. basically full class nerfs to balance that problem out, im not sure if this will apply to demon but i know for sure it will apply to monster. Bps(this is a bit tricky despite any build you choose they can 1 shot you most of the time, However as stated by lethal,mike monster cluster will have a max damage of 50k damage asal/hop/auto attack ext. Flyff Legacy is a Full 3D MMORPG released this 2017 by Gala Lab and Entermate. Question. FLYFF ( FUN FOR FLY ) THE FIRST FLYING MMORPG ON THE WORLD ===== FlyFF Build Guide Version 1.1 So maybe you can do max swords skill and use this till 65 and after it use also your re-skill and only take axe buffs and all … good luck :} 0 0. Slash: No Preference 15 None : Selected Target only Strikes the enemy two times, in rapid succession. Just remember to have fun! Activation "Action Slot" en continue pendant 10 minutes. Here i collect some tips of Mercenary job quest. But you get the drift. Loading... Unsubscribe from Spielestyler Flyff & more? i have no idea whats a good blade build for 1v1, can it still be saved or do i need a re-stat later on? The blade is the natural evolution of the melee mercenary. Thus, Sta-Psy would be a more viable option. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 4 years ago. Stats of the Mercenary STR - 4~5 Att each 1 STR (using Sword) 5~6 Att each 1 STR (using Axe). Full str to 30 then full sta to 65 should give you around 85 sta by the time you start to aoe. Anonymous. Flyff Mercenary Job Quest Guide. I'm now stuck on what other skills to choose - I'm going to be a Knight - AoE - and my build is 2 STA and 1 STR ratio when I get more points. A well-geared Hero Knight can get up to 60k HP without a Pet. Flyff Star boasts an epic story composed of over 300 quests that take players deep into the world and the different contents of Madrigal. They get an ASPD Boost when they class up. Fly high into the sky. Face fearsome challenges. This build are for those of us who want to be able to Spam Junk Arrow and cut down on the Refresher Spamming a bit. The game is a mobile version of Flyff Online in 2005. So every class have it's unique job quests. They don't depend on Ringmasters, but of course if you can get a FS to aid you, it will be much better. Fly for Fun Knights Complete Guide Part 1 by regaxion. (I had 25sta however.) Someone I knew struggled with that build, and it was kinda heartbreaking to watch. Each Flyff class will has many kinds of quests in Flyff. The Pros of a 1 versus 1 Billposter: • High Damage • Tanky • Self-sufficient Billposters are able to buff themselves (Assist buffs) in order to increase their damage and endurance. Flyff Knights Complete Guide Part 1 . Flyff stands for "Fly For Fun". Like how much points it should have in str, stam, int etc. ... and Mercenary's can be found at and in the forums. Explore the world. There are many play styles and builds for this job, but this guide is for 1v1 players. [Flyff - Guide] 1o1 Mercenary | Knight | Templar Spielestyler Flyff & more. Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get stronger in Flyff Legacy. Mercenary Skills: Skill: Weapon: Level: Pre-Skill: Type: Region of Effect: Description: Protection: Shields: 15 None : Self Increases Defense for a duration. Flyff Blades guide:skill points. I haven't spent any points yet and its level 10 (I know, but I need a good build idea for when I get merc) in Flyff. » Flyff Knights Complete Guide Part 1. Hamburger: MAX HP +300 pendant 15 minutes. AoE build 15 Str xxx Sta 15 Dex 60-ish Int OR 15 Str 60-sh Sta 15 Dex xxx Int In my own opinion, the Int AoE build is not a good option. =/ Go to the official FlyFF … The most common build for this class is high stamina which makes it the ideal tank / meat shield. The mercenary is a great close combat character with high defence and attack. I've searched around and all I know is it should be something like: STR: xxx STA: 120 DEX: 15 INT: 15 This sounds reasonable enough, but I'm wondering how my points are to be distributed each level? 271 People Used View all course ›› Visit Site Flyff Gold Official Site. Mercenary Builds Speedy Boy Build. The Templar can use Two-Handed Swords and Two-Handed Axes and when … You will be living on damage, speed and skills, since you'll have low HPs. … Killing a pinkies (level 87 mob) in 3 seconds on average. Class Development: Pre-Classification: 1st Class: 2nd Class: 3rd Class: Vagrant: Mercenary: Blade: Slayer: Knight: Templar: Equipment Weapons . Tank/AoE Generally if you tank heavily, you'll want to go: Sta: XXX Str: 15 Int: 15 Dex: 15 I realize it's highly dependent on a dps, but it's built for solely tan king. The Mercenary is the warrior of flyff, using swords, axes and shields. Flyff World > Class Discussions > The Barracks > Stats & Skills Build Questions: Mercenary Skill Tree build please help User Name: Remember Me? He is also known to get the best armor in game in terms of defense and also gets the most HP and defense out of stamina. #15 Best Blade Build Up in FlyFF What is a Blade? If you need more information, e-mail me at In the second job, as a Jester, you'll want to max Criticle Swing, Hit of Penya and... something else; I don't know. Today's Posts; Member List; Calendar; Forum; Support; Player Guides; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I am making a new mercenary in a game called Flyff and I need to know how I should build it. Abonnement au blog Long story short there is no clear meta of "how to" which leaves room for experimenting. As Mercenary in Flyff, you should learn them beforehand. Builds BP builds divide in two parts: AoE builds and 1v1 builds. Acrobat: Ranged character that fights using bows or yoyos, very good in 1v1s, not so much in aoe, but they excel at pvp. Do the Story Quests and “To Do List” tasks for more EXP. DEX - 1 Crit each 10 DEX (check out DexBreaks for more info on stats from DEX such as Attspeed, Block, Hit and more). As a mercenary i've used axes because i always had an healer with me and i could plvl myself so i only took the axe buffs but i do still have my re-skill (soul-linked). - 06-11-2011, 06:21 AM I have a level 38, who currently has Axe Mastery, Blazing Sword, and Sword Mastery maxed, with protection of 5. Flyff Powerleveling |Fly For Fun Power leveling,Fly For Fun Penya ,Gold, Money ,Tips ,Cheat ,Account, Hack, Guide ... With this build I was able to hit 12k damage at level 8x on pinkies. Password: Notices: REGISTER NOW TO REMOVE 90% OF ALL ADVERTISING ON THIS FORUM!!! One forum post I came across discussed Intelligence Blades using Old Guardian Wand in order to deal damage to enemies instead of using auto attacks. 2. Hey all, as I'm starting my return to Flyff official after a hiatus, I am learning so much more about the games and their features. Here are some tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game, increasing your character’s CP (Power) and leveling your character fast in the game. His special ability is being able to use two weapons toghether instead of one. Flyff Acrobat Build and Leveling Guide. Mercenary Skill Tree build please help - 01 … Thread Tools #1 iNeedFood : Posts: 11 Join Date: Jan 2008 IGN: HayamiEXE(Now) Server: Aibatt Wiki Edits: Rep Power: 0. Why I’m making this guide: Because even with all the guides we already have, there are too many questions (all basically about the same) so this guide is filled with EVERYTHING I know and have learned about knights through about three years of playing. Out damaging those with even +10 axes quite easily.
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