Reduces damage from Small, Mid, and Large size monsters by 15%. +7 Increases damage of Reverberation by 30%, Gives MATK +20 and additional MATK +5 per refine level, restores 100 HP when a monster is killed with magical attacks. Atk + 3 per refine rate. Good starting Headgear given to you as soon as you change to wanderer. It is a ranged AoE that showers a selected area with a volley of arrows. Performs a loud song to deal damage to all enemies in a, Performs a fast tempo song that increases, Performs a song that attempts to cause a lesser "Frenzy" status to all players in a, Performs a song that attempts to increase, Performs a song that attempts to decrease, Performs a song that attempts to deal damage to all targets that are performing in a, Performs a song that prevents the skill casting interruption of all targets in a, Reconciling an estranged Wanderer with her Maestro partner, Rigorous workout sessions to help a Wanderer get back into peak physical shape. And please be informed that this guide is also applicable for you Minstrel players~ Contents. Use appropriate racial reduction cards (ex: This will prevent cast interruption if you don't have Sound Amplifiers. A Bard and Dancer can perform “ensembles” together to give powerful buffs to allies or debuffs to enemies. The Chinese New Year event starts as early as January 24 and ends on early March, while the Valentine’s themed events will run for the month of … Share Tweet Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email + Contents. What else is needed to be able to hit them ? Cyfar x1 16.11 %. different elements can be carried. increases sp and gives a constant sp recovery. Good melee damage whip. with INT +1 ~ INT +3, DEX +1 ~ DEX +3, LUK +1 ~ LUK +3, Fighting Spirit2 , 3, 4 or 5 However, depending on the character, one may choose more of either AGI or LUK for status immunities or AGI for Slow Grace in WoE. The 77 minimum LUK by level 150 is for an Arch Angeling card's effect (Doubles HP/SP regen if base LUK is 77 or higher). Recommended 30-50. and reduce its cost by 18 SP. The main focus is to use Reverberation and spam it until things die. Useful in WoE as well. Increases magic damage, reduces cast time. The wanderer is the support petmancer, the “doctor” class. Rainstorm Booster Bow - Can't be refined by normal means. The high INT/SP regeneration also help with the high SP cost of performance songs like Frigg's Song. boosts the effect of Service For You; and LUK boosts the crit rate of Fortune's Kiss dance. Overview. Wanderer Sound Damage Build? +20 ATK. They are mainly a support class, having a wide variety of unique skills they can use to support their teammates and disrupt their enemies. Good melee damage, reverberation, and metallic sound whip. (I know the weapon: queen whip with archer skeleton and enchantment) How best to build the 99/70 and 175/60? Also this increases the amount of crit rate that Fortune Kiss gives. with a Minstrel. ROM SEA, ROM Global, ROM Europe. Emits and places a high frequency sound wave on a targeted location that releases a boom burst afterwards or when triggered, inflicting two hits of physical and magic damage, respectively, to all enemies within its area of effect. This page has been accessed 89,874 times. When the desired monster to tame is on the screen, click on the monster. Plan your characters' skills in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Skill Simulator and Planner. This will help keep the enemy's focus off of you. Deposit Card. Can be enchanted with INT +1 ~ INT +3, DEX +1 ~ DEX +3, LUK +1 ~ LUK +3, Fighting Spirit2 , 3, 4 or 5 Atk +6. Carries a lot of benefits, like the fallen angel wing, but is more versatile since you don't need to enchant it specific to your build. Lover Symphony:(Optional) Situational skill to increase hard MDEF. ro wanderer skill. Skills in a same group don't stack and will override each other (see Group A Songs and Group B Songs). Dances with Wargs:Increases ATK, ASPD, and reduces fixed cast time. Gives a nice +2 DEX and also its damage its increased by 50% when used with Elven arrows. Maestros and Wanderers, also known collectively as Performers, are the third job classes of Bards and Dancers. Enchant this in Eden kitchen to match your build. Good overall stat that now increases ATK/MATK every 3 points. Ro Wanderer Skill Build. Doubles HP/SP regen if Base LUK 77 or higher. have high SP consumption. To tame a pet, a Cute Pet Taming Item must be used. agi-dex-luk(ADL) sniper guide. People also looked for. Ro wanderer guide. Part of the Hippie set, can be enchanted. Stat that increases ASPD, reduce animation delay of skills and helps both in offensive as defensive since it increases the flee rate of your character;but something that needs to be considered is that its also important in the increase of Severe Rainstorm damage since AGI belongs directly into the formula of the skill itself. Everything about Wanderer, skill tree, skill simulator and other important skill info like range, properties, requirements, required for, etc. Best Enchants to get for this weapon would be After Cast Delay 5%~20% to reduce. I color coded skills based on the color in game lol. agi-dex-luk(ADL) sniper. +13 refine will give instead +18 DEX or +18 INT. Increases resistance to all elements by 7%, MaxSP increases by (Base level / 3) + (refine level x 10); Boost stats depending on the enchants great for all kind of builds, increases MHP by 15% and MSP by 5% in combination with Temporal DEX Boots. Increases the Max HP of your character by 1 point = 1% Max HP. This is by no means a complete collection of gear available. Atk + 3 per 15 base level (up to level 195). The second magic build available to Wanderer. This build will primarily cover Severe Rainstorm build and maybe a little bit Arrow Vulcan as well. ATK +5%. Swing Dance: Increases movement speed and ASPD. Slot. In case of failure, the taming item is lost and no pet is gotten. Ro wanderer. increases SP and gives a constant SP recovery. +5% long range reduction (Defense purposes). Pros & Cons 4. It is said that time slows down when a Dancer starts to move her hips to the sound of some mysterious tune; that those watching may lose control of their bodies and find their magic reserves either greatly improved or gone altogether. Wanderer Totsuka-no-Tsurugi. Increases ranged by 5% and decreases swing dance SP consumption. Slow enemy movement, or lower emp breaker's ASPD. Must be refined to +7/+9 to get the bonus of %5/10 ranged. Ro Wanderer Skill. Ragnarok Online Wanderer WoE Build Guide by yaguhLOLOL Originally wanderers’ past dancers/gypsy was all about one major skill. Adds +200 MaxSP and reduces SP cost of Severe Rainstorm by 10 and fixed cast time by 5% per level ov Voice Lessons. If used in combination with night sparrow hat reduces fixed cast time*skill level. This skill is mostly divided It is recommended to have at least 120 DEX to be able to use Temporal DEX Boots [1] . Good starting armor that gives 1 DEX can be socket enchanted and stat enchanted with hidden enchant with DEX. From iRO Wiki. Increases maximum HP by +5% per skill level for party members. Best Hat if meant to concentrate on just using Severe Rainstorm as damage as it increases its damage for 25%, depending on refine it could even reduce the sp. Great for survival purposes against bosses. Part of the Airship set which is a great starting set for level 125 its great for support purposes and for survival for its boost in Max HP and SP, also increases the movement speed. Hawkeye its the best as it can increase damage at least for 10k or higher. On iRO, this monster is localized as Wanderer. The element of the skill is based on the element of the arrow equipped. Ro Wanderer Skill. Recommended to have 120 INT to use Temporal INT Boots [1] . Voice Lessons: To be able to use different songs and dances together, These scantily clad seductresses gain the power to influence the minds of allies and enemies alike. Changing into a Wanderer from a Dancer or Gypsy requires the player to complete a number of tasks: After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Wanderer. > Stats > Skills > Equips > Tactics If you want a more aggressive petmancer feel free to combine nature with any other mastery. If the users base level is 120 or higher, additional Matk + 50, If the users base level is 140 or higher. He has been rumored to cut even a small flying bugs into 2 pieces without exception. Rhythm and balance are qualities cultivated by all Archers, however, only the truly talented are allowed to learn the secret steps of the Dancers. I’d also like to point out that ALL single mastery classes are incredibly powerful in normal while dual-mastery class builds usually start to come together at around epic. A great shield for defense purposes which raises the resistance for 20% to Water, Fire, Undead and Shadow. DEX which are the most important stats for Severe Rainstorm. Wander Man is a walking corpse that had been a warrior managing a wandering life. when soloing as the movement speed increase will help you lure mobs and be able to do more easy Hit and Run tactics. ro wanderer skill. Severe Rainstorm: Primary skill to deal damage, has a high AoE, and with the use of Bow of Storms [1] . It is recommended to have at least 120 DEX to be able to use Temporal DEX Boots [1] . Their female counterpart is the Dancer class. Prevent enemy skill casting as people enter emp rooms. +1 AGI Increase attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 10%). Helps a lot with survival. 1. Increases Flee and Critical rate, part of the Hippie set, can be enchanted. Part of the airship starting set its good overall for PVM. Middle headgear that can be farmed which comes with a slot. Uses one Regrettable Tear. Arrow Shower: Skill mostly used to level up first jobs not really usefull after for Give an increase of 2% in ATK/mATK and +1 DEX. and SP cost reduce will have. Recommended 90-120. Good starting garment that gives +10% Neutral Resistance and -20% Cast time for faster cast of Severe Rainstorm good overall PVM garment. Best stats rolled for this build are DEX,INT,LUK depending on the situation. the delay of Reverberation, INT 1~10 for support, ATK +4~47 for physical reverberation damage, MATK +4~50 for magical reverberation damage, and Skill SP cost 5%~20%. Reverberation: Main skill for damage, and to proc effects like Hawkeye, Lucky Day, Runaway Magic. This build can adapt to any situations like farming, grinding, boss hunting, etc. They also have access to decent MATK weapons (unlike their male counterpart, the Maestro), which allows them to make better use of the Metallic Sound skill, although this spell is still fairly weak and has a long cooldown. Best to be enchanted with EA2/EA3 to increase Severe Rainstorm damage output, also gives teleport for farming. Spell 3 , 4 , 5 or 6 MATK +1% or +2%. This buff is extremely helpful for classes with low Max SP, character builds with low INT, skills that depend on SP for damage (like Guillotine Fist and Dragon Breath), or classes that tend to have to spam high SP cost skills. Maestro). A great bow that can be farm from gargoyles. You are at: Home » Ragnarok Character Guide » Assassin Critical Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in RevoClassic. Good starting bow has the advantage of increasing the damage by 50% when used with steel arrows, also has a small chance of making monster killed drop steel arrows. Service for You: Most wanted skill for support as it helps a lot of classes that Good to increase the damage of Reverberation and comes with 2 slots. It can also be enchanted up to INT+8 or DEX +8. Great card for defense purposes reduced 25% damage from Medium and Large size monster DEF+20. Hi Everyone! Katana Blueprint x1. As you know wanderer is a class that is mostly played as support Also slows like Slow Grace. Where their male counterparts, the Bards, a… Clara aguilar nua. Creste's Royal Medal x1 22.82 %. Stat Build 5. Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. The LUK also adds an amount of Perfect Dodge and ATK which are helpful with Severe Rainstorm. Group B skills can only be removed through special skills such as Clearance, Lion's Howl, Destruction Song, etc. Better used in parties and needs another performer class.
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