Let's explore some of the most common business degrees earned from colleges, universities, and business schools. 1. Search degrees Clear Search Text Start Search. Certificates & Degrees Overview > Degree List BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides access to more than 40 BYU-Idaho online certificates and degrees in the following industries. Accounting Degree . Home » Academics » List of Majors The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers 117 undergraduate majors, 21 pre-professional programs, and 52 graduate programs and 11 certificates. With more than 800 degree programs to choose from — taught by skilled, student-focused professors — you’ll have the knowledge, experiences and opportunities to deeply explore your interests. This shift away from more high-tech majors toward business majors began in last year’s Job Outlook 2017 survey. Create an education section. Plus, this top 44 list of majors gives you the option to research the Best Colleges by Major , where you can view the Best Colleges for various STEM majors, Arts , … The college also offers a student-defined major for those students who want to pursue academic goals that combine existing curricula. With thirty-four departments and thirteen programs, the School of Arts and Sciences offers more than 70 majors and minors in biological, mathematical, and physical sciences, humanities, and social and behavioral sciences, providing you with an education of unparalleled breadth and depth. Public Relations. Communication. Art, Culture and Technology (SMACT) School of Engineering. When including any relevant education information on a resume, contain all of it within a designated education section. Students must consult their advisors to learn which specific requirements apply to their degree programs. Business & Administration . Home > Home > Degree overview > Majors > List of Undergraduate Majors. HAPPY NEW YEAR! To view more information about a program, including the related Academic Program catalog text, click on … Enroll now! The most popular advanced degree option for business majors is a master's degree. An accounting degree can lead to many positions in the accounting and finance fields. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6-P) Degree charts are provided only for the Master's programs listed below. 80 Majors, 2,000 Courses, 1 Unique Path. For a full list of academic programs and degree offerings, visit our Academic Catalog. For each major, any applicable option and the degree or degrees to which the major can lead are shown. Business Degrees. Many majors offer "concentrations" as a requisite or optional part of their program of study. 3. Filter by: All Areas of Study. Nine degrees that put you on the fast track to $100K These four-year majors can get you to a $100,000 salary in a decade or less. Search degrees Clear Search Text Start Search. Each major links to the General Catalog, where you can learn more about its admission and graduation requirements. Discover the diversity of specializations available in a business degree program. In addition to excellent bachelor's degree programs, UHD offers master's … A major is a field of study that requires at least 24 credit hours for completion. Graduate Degree Charts. May the next decade bring you unlimited prosperity and happiness. Home; Programs of Study; Degree Programs; Alphabetical List of Majors At Marshall, an undergraduate degree program may offer more than one major, and it typically takes four years or 120 credit hours to complete a degree. This can either be Local COC Degree GE requirements, CSU GE requirements, or IGETC. Find Your Major. Eight of the 10 top majors in demand by employers at the bachelor’s degree level fall in the business category continuing a shift away from high-tech majors, according to results of NACE’s Job Outlook 2018 survey.. List of Majors, Degrees, Certificates, & Minors List of Majors (Bachelor of Arts) The College of Arts and Sciences offers the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Filter Panel. List of Undergraduate Majors. A bachelor's degree is the most common requirement for accountants who want to … MAJORS, OPTIONS, AND DEGREES This is a list of the majors, options, and degrees authorized for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Although there are more than 150 undergraduate majors and minors at UC Berkeley, the program you are looking for … Concentrations offer highly specialized areas of study related to the major, and will allow you to gain a high degree of specific, marketable expertise in the concentration areas. Actuarial Science is the most valuable college major, according to a new Bankrate.com report. Find your degree program and start your future today. Majors who do not pursue graduate degrees in psychology often enter the job market in human services or in positions requiring a general liberal arts degree. Agriculture & Food Sciences. School of Architecture and Planning. Psychology is also an entry degree for graduate programs in social work, education, medicine, and law. degree with the following majors: African American and African Diaspora Studies; American Studies; Anthropology; Biochemistry; Biology; Chemistry Education. Listed below are the Undergraduate Degrees offered by Michigan State University. Here, we give you some insight into what your peers are choosing by showing you the most popular majors across colleges in America. for students to choose. Yale students enroll in four or five courses each semester to complete a total of thirty-six courses while earning a degree. Texas State Undergraduate Admissions Explore Academics Majors & Degrees Undergraduate Degree List Undergraduate Degree List. Column one lists undergraduate programs offering degrees; column two lists their code (i.e., Anthropology offers a B.A. OSU offers more than 200 undergraduate programs (majors, options, double degrees, etc.) This is a list of UW-Seattle undergraduate majors and minors. CLOSE. A note on pathways: A pathway is an advising guide to help students prepare for their intended bachelor's degree major.
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