Trust me iv been a heavy metal freak for 15 years and I have never heard a voice so powerful, beautiful and skilled and never seen a presence so out of the world. Whenever I hear Whitney sing You Give Good Love it gives me chills because of the unparalleled soul and emotion she poured into that song. She is a very talented successful singer. The King of Pop. Ranking the top oldies artists of all time is no easy task because there were so many great singers in the '50s, '60s, and '70s—from Elvis and Barbra to a few rockers who've since been knighted by the Queen. Michael Jackson songs describe about his soul and emotion singing with passion dedication.No-one even close to him. A person who leaves behind his legecy and his influence to the music I have only one dream in my life that one day I will met him and tell him that he was not something which I feel but he is something. Makayla Phillips - Warrior 00:249. Plus, Chester can sing inAny pitch. It's like a mixture between Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, and Celine Dion. Undoubtedly, the United States has been able to maintain its position in terms of the net profits of the global performers it produces and distributes. And thus choose to vote against the rather more popular artists.The style of his songs. Dickinson is by far the best.Most of this list is a bad joke. How can anyone sing so well! She also has been named the American Music Awards... Miley Ray Cyrus was born Destiny Hope Cyrus on November 23, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee to Tish Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus. But in saying that his ten years with yoko they made some brilliant songs. The two were brought to the continental United States during their childhoods and, eventually, met while ... Chris Brown was born on May 5, 1989 in Tappahannock, Virginia, USA as Christopher Maurice Brown. Nope. For those of youThat don't know, Chester is the lead singer in "Dead bySunrise" and one of the vocalists in "Linkin Park". Deserves his place at the top, not only one of, if not the greatest of all time, but also one of the most influential vocalists ever. She is amazing and has an amazing persona. So that is what I have to say about this list. And for which she is the winner of our Top Ten Most Popular Female Singers in 2014 countdown. Ed Sheeran is an English singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. She has an incredible vocal range and her voice is just beautiful. Okay, that's sweet, but look at Adele! Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. and his powerful voice in the songs: rainbow in the dark, last line, man on the silver mountain. This singer has gotten more Grammies than anyone except for Whitney Houston who tied with her. In 2007, Demi Lovato got a part on a short Disney Channel show called As the Bell Rings, and then she landed the starring role of the ... Armando Christian Pérez, known by the stage name Pitbull or Mr. Worldwide, is an American rapper. 10. His solo career seems unfocused with too much trying to be a poor man's Jeff Buckley. He should be light years ahead of anyone on this list. Evanescence is the absolute best band to ever exist. Justin Bieber is rated higher, in 5 years Justin will be another, "What ever happened to" while Paul... Huh... Why am I even comparing the two. Not all of them achieved the fame these 10 people could achieve. That is because he has a unique voice that can simply not be replicated. Sinatra recorded 25. Understated perfection - Just enough swing, his own unpredictable syllabic emphasis on. In all these businesses one thing that states mind satisfaction is the music. Aretha all the way boo. Many people judge a voice according to its range an power, but I think Robert Plant was much more than just a good screamer like many rock heroes of his time. On June 10, 2016, Grimmie was shot three ... Steven Tyler was born on March 26, 1948 in Yonkers, New York, USA as Steven Victor Tallarico. Man who would be king26. Sorry Freddie I love you too but Robert Plant over you any day. It is so refreshing to see an ALL TIME top ten singers that does not include the names Evancho, Underwood, Amy Lee, or Lambert on it. Celine is sure to go on and be remembered as one of the - if not the one and only - greatest singing divas of all time. The person who found enormous amount of success even after his band breaks away. She is just very successful and her albums are amazing. Sure I can't even begin to express how much I am impressed by these voters stupidity...seeing this Katy Perry or rihanna or Bruno mars and... above singers like dio Bruce Dickinson Osbourne Mick jagger Rob halford,... (list goes on ) is so unbelievably hilarious but it really doesn't matte r.. v oters on this list and many other stupid lists on this particular website are definitely masses of pop listeners who have caged themselves into this box and think the same autotone voices like Katy Perry and... Are the best... Wow come on no one can be that ignorant... Open your eye s.. t rue legends are living in this world and your just mesmerized by these dressed monkeys! Or that she unlike many she just had a unbelievable way of making her chest so soar into her head voice. John Lennon may not have had the range of MJ or the power of Whitney Houston but when it comes to raw emotion and a beautiful tone, he has no match. Her voice is super amazing and awesome. During the span of her music career she has released over 200 albums and singles in 10 different languages. Adele herself will tell you Beyonce is a greater singer than her. Not many people realize just how amazing his voice is and no one could ever have a voice as amazing as his. No wonder why Amy doesn't like popstars that much. Proof?1. But that's just my opinion peace and love. RHIANA AND TAYLOR SWIFT?! Whoa he's such a good singer actually he's not good.. She can even play awesome punk rock music like blink 182 and Katy Perry's a billion Infiniti and beyond times better then Taylor swift and her boring music. Are you kidding me Eminem, Madonna above Bruno Mars? Even the top 20 would be ok. He has personality and uniqueness that sounds good and for me that's why he tops singers like Bruce Dickinson and such. She is a Queen. The only "better" singers than CC are maybe Robert Plant or Freddie Mercury. In any world where you actually are worried about the best SINGER Frank Sinatra is a once in a century voice. She is of Lebanese, Spanish and Italian descent. She has an inevitable ability to sing amongst legends before her time. It is also completely ludicrous that people such as Justin Bieber and Eminem are ranked higher than Aretha Franklin simply because of popularity. This man is literally impossible to hate. Or can she do even half the things with her voice like the vocalists I mentioned above can including Opera? No one has time to entertain their selves and all the worries and problems are adding more to it. I'm an idiot! John you are magical and you will never be forgotten. My favorite is between hard/alt rock with leanings towards metal. and I voted her because she needs to REMAIN in the Top 20 because her career and grammys speak for herself so vote for her so she can remain in such a good place here on this site because she's amazing like the artists above. Your having ...more, Bruce should be at the top of this list. But to see Rob Halford down on the 17th place is interesting and somehow disturbing. Layne Staley has the dramatic quality in his voice that reaches out and holds everyone in their darkness. The media portrays her as not being able to sing when in reality she has a pretty amazing voice, she can hit high notes, low notes, etc. Michael iswas, is and will greatest singer of all time. I'm glad Aretha made it to the Top 20 because she's prominent and a famous figure that many artists look up to eve till this day. One can easily say that, there is a new song released every single day in the music industry. Seriously people, you need to get your heads on straight, and listen to real singers. No one can cream and sing as high vocal as Axl Rose. The emotion and passion he sang with was so authentic and palpable. She has five siblings - two half-brothers, a half-sister, and a younger brother and sister. (Led Zeppelin or solo career) Third, he can reach high notes, but he can also reach those low notes. Listen to stargazer, holy diver, rainbow in the dark, heaven and hell. Her voice was just stunningly beautiful. Listen to Achillies Last Stand, then listen to In the Evening. Her style is very unique and despite coming from a semi-pop era she doesn't mumble and speaks her words not only with confidence but also power. She doesn't either, and neither does she cake on makeup or wear revealing clothes, she truly is unique. He's part of me. There is NOBODY better or even a little bit as good as Elvis Presley and the people who think that are CRAZY because Elvis had an amazing voice that would give you chills and he could sing anything and these singers on this list can not. What cannot be denied is the poems he has written for Guns N' Roses and the stellar vocal performances he still performs to this day every night. How is Adele higher than Beyonce, Aretha Franklin & Mariah Carey? Rock was so much more than just music. ABOVE CHESTER?! Demi started out as a child actor on Barney & Friends. I don't know why I made this comment ...more. I will start with his fans. Not only that, but he's been singing for more than 15 years and he still sounds amazing! Bruno Mars? Quest for Fire5. Is it because his hair looks like Chewbacca's pubes? Chester has gone up in the rankings since last time I was on this website! He also uses homophobic slurs. He is about as talented as talented as a dying cat. She has a big sister named Angela & a little brother named David, and has English, Portuguese, German, Irish, and Scottish ancestry. Adele is the new sensation. He was eventually jailed, but he used the time to work on... Actress | Wildest Dreams9. Simple lyrics unfathomable meanings. Also there are only 14 Diamond songs in the world. We have seen her in many magazines coves her amazing looks are no doubt are attractive. From this article, one would able to some basic amount of the most beautiful female singer in the world. Also, If one acquires a amusing voice, he can easily be a rich superstar. Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, I understand how they could be up in the top 5 and beat out Chris. Although Michael Jackson was the superior performer because of his outstanding dancing ability, there is no comparison when it comes to singing. To understand his music and his songs, you'd have to picture yourself in a place like his.He re-invented music. She is capable of singing with any other artists and she gives you more than your own money's worth. Again it just bothers me so much that now from 2000 and above people have basically destroyed what music is supposed to be. All world know about him in every generation old child young global figure.Modern entertainment platform is the creation of Michael's.dancing singing in every entertaining platform MJ's soul desolve. Ever. And then rewind back to the beginning of the song to hear it again (My reaction at The Little Things Give You Away). But Layne, Layne's got one hell of a voice. " Yes, I am pretty young compared to probably most of the other people here, but I still do think that Adele is top tier, one of the best singers. He’s taught English in classrooms and online for nearly 10 years, trained teachers in using classroom and web technology, and written e-learning materials for several major websites. Since 2004 the chart has been based on the sales of both physical singles and digital downloads, with airplay figures excluded from the official chart. He has the perfect edge of gruffness or softness whenever he chooses, and literally sounds like five different people when he sings! But I'm gonna talk about the perfect singer who is no other than Axel Rose, can anybody in the world show me a singer who can sing notes this high and sing soprano opera and sing heavy metal and growl? They are all fine singers but they do not have enough of a track record to be worthy of top ten on an all-time list, and have influenced nobody, although they probably will in time. I have listened to almost all of those artists from the list, and I am a huge fan of Geoff Tate, Dio, Dickinson, Bowie, Prince, Barbara Straisand, Aretha Franklin, Presley, Cohen, Johnny Cash and many many more. Or Monsegur which is very hard for a singer to sing.Alive at the Marquee has a really good selection of his solo songs without Iron Maiden and is really well sung.I Like Judas Priest when he can be bothered to sing properly, Geoff Tate had a great voice that didn't get used to it's potential in mostly weak songs. Hunter Price - Left Behind 05:437. Rob won't ever place high on any top whatever list because these things are popularity contests, not true evaluations of vocal skill and ability. Like the rest of his famous band Led Zeppelin, he is one of the most versatile artists for his respective position. He has great vocals, and he can cover a wide variety of pitches. Two of the most respected singers belonging to Britain are John Lennon, member of the famous band ‘The Beatles’ and Eric Clapton. He sings the most beautiful melodies with the most aggressive tones and the most outrageous, freakish range, " says Sebastian Bach. Then I know that god will say I do not know about him because I never made him. Why? One of the greatest voices of all time. And. She must also be on the top spot because she has a great and high voice. Madonna has been an inspiration to a lot of people over the years, including and especially famous and well known singers song-writers and even actors! The most infuliental singer of all time. The top male vocalists of the '50s, '60s, and '70s are a diverse bunch. He should be number 1! Caught somewhere in time13. Let's give the Top Tens some credit here. She's really easily be identified but hard to find. Whoever is voting for the top ten do not have good taste in music AT ALL. Madonna not being higher on this list is pathetic. But the rest... Come on guys.. Gates of tomorrow13. In my humble opinion, CC should be much higher on this list, as a matter of fact he has done covers of songs that I would rather listen to than the original; examples are "Nothing Compares To You" and "Thank You" from Led Zep. 2. He inspired me. Her performances have consistently drawn ... Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana, and entertained audiences nearly his entire life. So, best singer should be measured by pure voice tonality, and other criteria related to voice. He has three younger half-siblings via ... Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III in St. Joseph, Missouri, to Deborah R. (Nelson) and Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr., who were in a band together, Daddy Warbucks. Who else could do that? Jonetta, a single mom, raised Usher and his younger brother, James, ... Mark Antony is an actor, known for A Child's Dream (2009). Music wouldn't haven't been the same without Lennon. She has goals and she accomplishes every single desire! The only people that don't think he can sing is def people! Well anyway the point is Bruno Mars is one of the worst singers in pop music today. But I totally understand why MJ is at the top, He deserves it but Aretha deserves to be almost at the Top staying in 20 would be good and moving up in to 19 would be also good but not her dropping and reaching 21 or more then this whole thing is pathetic. Plus Taylors music has no creativity and feels bland, how do people like bland drama music better than creative fun music? I personally cannot listen to the album versions of the songs anymore.
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