Remove the peelings, and throw in the compost, then let the water cool before using in recipes. Food Network Kitchen shows several unique ways to use up veggie scraps that includes whipping up a creamy broccoli pesto, creating a versatile stock, and more. Stay tuned, because in a future edition, we’ll talk about various vessels you can use as a compost bin, how to take care of them, and when you know they’re done. You can sprinkle them with cheese as well. To make potato water from your leftover peels, simply boil them for 10 minutes in a pot of water. Potato water bread. 8. In potato tubers, 30–80% of the solanine develops in and close to the skin. Fruit scraps. QUESTION: What can I do with potato scraps? – Lori W. ANSWER: If potato peelings are thick and contain one or two eyes, you can grow potatoes from the peelings. Sweet Potato Ice Cream. For now, try just getting your compost going by saving scraps or above-mentioned items. Try using these tips and tricks to reuse food scraps and waste. With a basic formula of 2 cups chopped vegetable scraps to make 1 quart of stock, it's easy to scale depending on how much you want to make. Save veggie peels for all-natural fabric dye. Potatoes are delicious, but potato peels can be, too! Make yummy potato peel chips out of your potato scraps. Potato water in use Potatoes are part of the deadly nightshade family, which means that once a potato is sprouting in your storage, consuming the potato tubers can cause food poisoning. A bitter taste in a potato is another, potentially more reliable indicator of toxicity. Showing green under the skin strongly suggests solanine build-up in potatoes, although each process can occur without the other. Creative Uses For Potatoes. You can creatively reuse an entire bounty of lean-kitchen vegetable scraps such as radish greens, potato peels, melon seeds or cauliflower stalks – you name it. A compost pile consisting of smaller pieces will be more compact, so there will be less air flow within the pile, and it will benefit from the extra aeration when you turn it over. I use fruit scraps to make scrap vinegar. Retain the seeds, pits, and cuttings of your veggies and regrow them at home – saving you money on seeds or seedlings. And now for some little-known things that you can do with potatoes: Top 5 Things To Do With Potatoes – make microwaved potato chips… yum! 10 Surprising Uses For Potatoes – skin care, art, stamps, and more; 20 Things You Can Make With Potatoes – … Mashed sweet potatoes are combined with breadcrumbs and a few other pantry ingredients, then molded for deep-frying until crispy and golden brown. But if you do your own research, and find something else you’d like to add, go for it! Boil your potato peels and use the resulting starchy water to make delicious bread. Other than water and your frozen scraps, you need very little to complete cooking except for a quick sauté. Reuse Vegetable Scraps: Make … Throw them in the over with oil and seasonings like salt and pepper for a great snack! To make this, fill a jar with the scraps, add a spoonful of sugar, pour water just to cover, secure a lid or cloth, stir daily, wait and strain. Use peelings from healthy potato specimens that are free from mold, soft areas, or green portions of skin. Is it possible to grow potatoes from the peelings? Find out how to regrow potatoes in this article and put those deadly tubers to beneficial use instead! 03 of 15. You can do this in the same pot you'll simmer the stock in. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the tasty croquettes as a fun alternative to tater tots at brunch or dinner. Regrowing potatoes is very easy and anyone can do it. I make apple scrap vinegar more than any other type but scraps from other fruit, such as pears or pineapples, will also work. If you do cut up scraps before adding them to the compost pile, be sure to turn the pile often. Do your part in food waste reduction. Use beet ends for reds and purples, red cabbage for blues, yellow onions for oranges, and spinach for greens. Here are just some ideas for putting kitchen scraps back onto your plate.
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